Team PlaceNet strives to meet customer expectations in multiple areas associated with Human Capital. We partner with our clients in Recruitment Solutions, Staff Augmentation, RPO Solutions & Training.

The expertise and global network, gives PlaceNet the competitive advantage

Permanent/One Time Recruitments

Our streamlined system is tuned to understand client requirements and select the right candidate to match their needs, both technically and culturally

This segment offers three types of staffing products:

Selection from wide/robust database: of prospective employees from various fields. This huge stream of employee listing accumulated over 11 years of our industry presence, could be fully leveraged by our clients, ensuring the widest possible search for the best candidates. Selecting from our database also means a quick solution for your staffing needs.

Selection through Advertisements: when volume response is the need of the hour. Apart from quick and bulk responses, advertisements also helps the brand value of company with media and prospective candidates. PlaceNet Consultants has been successful with highly creative and strategic advertisement concepts that drive considerable responses to the vacant positions.

Head Hunting: is our expertise to source candidates through channels like social networking sites, references and also through mundane head-hunting practices and cold calls.A key factor that differentiates from other companies is our unique unit structure.

Our Differentiator: Our team operates in Clusters. Each unit consists of 2 categories of consultants:

1. Team responsible for both client service
2. Team that focuses on candidate selection.

They work as a team ensuring that both clients and candidates are serviced at all times. The teams are often dedicated to specific specialties.

Advertised Recruitment: is a service offered when there is a need to reach out and attract specific segments of personnel or when other means of sourcing personnel have not yielded the required number or quality of personnel. Advertised recruitment is often a strategic choice guided by volume of requirements, perceived ease of drawing suitable candidates, budgets and sometimes the client's desire to catch the public eye. These points guide Placenet Consultants advice/input on advertised recruitment. Our endeavor is always to ensure that agreed objectives of reach, candidate response and targeted selection in required numbers are met. Placenet Consultants works with the client and the advertising agencies/publications to ensure that client urgency is met with matching delivery.

Turnkey Recruitment Services: is an innovation from Placenet Consultants that seeks to address large requirements from clients, particularly at junior/middle management levels.
Typical scenarios where this service is well suited:
- new project manning
- plant expansion
- scale up of team sizes
- geographical expansion of teams (e.g. Sales/Servicing teams).

Often supported by job advertising, Placenet Consultants has the capacity to mobilize resources internally and to process large volume responses, manage selection of required personnel, including the management of administrative details and logistics, all within tightly defined time schedules with significant savings of the client's time and perhaps the most important of all, very attractive cost savings when compared with other means of sourcing.

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